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Our Story

We're just a couple of kids-at-heart from Atlanta who had a crazy dream and a big need. We were raised on Shaved Ice and Southern Hospitality, neither of which has ever left our hearts. As transplants to Oregon, we couldn't find any of the soft, snowy good stuff we loved as kids. On our first trip to Hawaii we finally got our fix and dreamed of the day we might be able to share real shaved ice with our new-found home in Southern Oregon. 

Just a few short years and a job layoff later, we were faced with a hard life choice: move back East so Chris could find another cushy corporate job, or take a leap and start living the food truck life. Between our love of shaved ice and our love of Oregon, the choice was clear.

Now heading into our 6th year, this business has become more than we ever dreamed. What started as a canopy and folding table at 2 growers markets has blossomed into 2 food trailers, 4 markets, a booked calendar of events and festivals, and a full time spot. It's given us joy, freedom, stability, and a place in this community that we cherish. One thing hasn't changed in that time, though - our devotion to serving you the best shaved ice around.


"Mahalo" is the Hawaiian word for gratefulness - it means "thank you" - and there's no word that better suits how we feel about this adventure. So Mahalo, Southern Oregon, for being such a big part of our story.

Courtney & Chris

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